Daryl B. Golemb
An Accountancy Corporation of Certified Public Accountants
Estate & Trust Services

Estate and Trust Taxation and Administration

We guide you – the professional fiduciary or attorney, the surviving spouse and family, the executor or the trustee – through all aspects of income tax preparation and planning for the decedent and their estate.  Our comprehensive approach is designed to comply with and support your fiduciary responsibilities. 

We help you establish systems for documenting and chronicling the activity of an estate or trust administration.  These systems will support your fiduciary responsibility to report to all interested parties.

Our process provides you with the information you need to make decisions on the sale of assets, the payment of liabilities, and the distributions to beneficiaries.

We deliver these services proactively, and will accomplish this by being client focused, by being sensitive to our clients’ needs and expectations, and by listening to our clients.